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Be Familiar with Popular Breeds of Rabbits

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Be Familiar with Popular Breeds of Rabbits

Information about Breeds of Rabbits

There are almost sixty breeds of rabbits and breeders of rabbits are trying to develop more breeds, for the development of new breeds usually different varieties of rabbits are crossed with each other. With the development in the field of biological science, new species of rabbits can be developed by using the genes of various foxes. The new varieties of lionhead rabbits may be produced by such crosses among rabbits and foxes; there are many popular breeds of rabbits such as Dutch dwarf rabbits, lionhead rabbits, Himalayan rabbits and Angora rabbits.

The Dutch dwarf rabbits are the smallest breed of rabbits and they originally belong to Netherland and mostly exported to the countries of United Stated and UK because these countries provide the large markets to this breed of rabbits but now their demand is increasing in all over the world due to their unique shape, size and habits. The Dutch breed is not only the single breed of dwarf rabbits because Britannia, Dwarf Hutot and Petite are also the breeds of dwarf rabbits but Dutch dwarves are the internationally popular breed of dwarf rabbits.

Rabbits are kept as Pets in Modern World

The different breeds of rabbits are used as pets in the modern world due to their charming physical appearances, the characteristics of all type of rabbits are similar whether large or dwarf and the only difference lies between their size and average life span. The demand of rabbits as pets in increasing rapidly and it is reported that in the United States dwarves have become third most demanding pets. Their increasing demand is helpful for their country of origin to make a lot of foreign exchange by their export because in the global markets the prices of pets are very high as compared to domestic markets.

Most of the breeds of rabbits are very lively and intelligent as they can easily learn various skills and simple commands of their owners. The main reason for the popularity of rabbit’s breed is that these pets required very little place in your houses and their grooming and feeding expenditures are not very high, you can easily afford these expenses within your budget. When you decide to purchase any particular rabbit breed then always purchase your pet form registered pet store and always get certificate of breed form the pet dealer because most of the pet dealers are selling pets that are not of original breed but have some characteristics of your required breed and these similar characteristics will vanish during few weeks and most of such pets usually die after sometimes.

You must have complete information about diet of different breeds of rabbits because healthy diet will be helpful to increase their life span but also make them more alert and active. Generally, rabbits like to eat fresh hay but special dry foods for rabbits are available on very low prices that can easily make them healthy, you can also give fresh fruits such as apples and guavas and fresh vegetables such as carrots


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