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Dwarf LionHead Rabbit – A New Breed of Dwarf Rabbits

Posted by : | On : 02-02-2017 | Comments (0)
Dwarf LionHead Rabbit – A New Breed of Dwarf Rabbits

Facts about Dwarf LionHead Rabbit

Keeping pets is becoming a modern trend and most of the people like to keep most popular breeds of pets in their homes to impress their friends and relatives. The pet breeders have developed novel and modern techniques to train pets in most civilized manners and most of the breeds of pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits are becoming more social and human friendly. Pets are not only helpful to make you happy but they are also helpful for your protection such as dogs play an important role to provide you security. The Dutch dwarf rabbits are becoming most popular pets and dwarf lionhead rabbit is the newer breed of dwarf rabbits that is generally found in the USA.

Actually keeping pets is not a new experience for the man because animals are always with him from the origin of life on this earth but with the passage of time man has trained animals and now they are become civilized. Most of the pets easily adjust in the new environment and they have greater ability to learn new things and skills such as dogs and rabbits and they can easily recognise their owner.

The breeders of rabbits are introducing latest and new breeds of dwarves and currently they have present the dwarf lionhead rabbit, these rabbits are called lion head because there is a wool mane around their head similar to the male lion. As these are dwarves therefore their average weight lies between 2.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds and their ears are also erect but fully covered with soft and shiny fur. All types of rabbits and especially dwarves have more fear of being capture as compared to other pets such as dogs, horses and cats, therefore always handle them with great affection, care and love otherwise it will become very difficult for you to train them.

They are different form Dutch Dwarves

It is reported that breed of dwarf lionhead rabbit has been bred with cross between Dutch dwarf rabbits and Jersey wooly and this breed is becoming more popular among pet lover than simple dwarf rabbits. As we know that it is the main characteristics of all Dutch dwarf rabbits that there body must be compact and round but lionhead rabbits have not round head and there head is more bold as compared to all other dwarves breeds. The fur of lionhead dwarves will be very dense and soft and it covers the whole head, ears and neck.

Usually the back legs of Dutch dwarves are longer as compared to front legs but dwarf lionhead rabbit has medium length legs and you cannot easily notice any difference between the lengths of back or front legs. The lion head dwarves are more shy rabbits as compared to any other breed and if you want to keep them as pets in your homes then you must know that they will take longer time to become social therefore give special attention to them.


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