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Dutch Dwarf Rabbit – A Popular Breed of Rabbits

Posted by : | On : 25-01-2017 | Comments (0)
Dutch Dwarf Rabbit – A Popular Breed of Rabbits

Information about Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

Nature and beauty in any form attracts man that’s why man loves to keep various kinds of pets for the satisfaction of his nature loving taste. Various breeds of birds such as parrots, budgies sparrows, pigeons and animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, goldfish and ponies are becoming popular among people due to their services for the well-being of man. They are very helpful to bring pleasant changes in your life as they make you happy with their funny activities and they can easily eliminate your solitude factor. The Dutch dwarf rabbit is the most famous breed of rabbits due to their unique characteristics and beautiful colour and amazing sizes.

The rabbits of Netherland are smaller than all rabbits breeds of the world therefore they are called dwarf rabbits and that is the main reason for their popularity. The average weight of the dwarf rabbits lies between 4.5 to 5 pounds and they have attractive colours such as chocolate, white, black, grey, yellow, tortoiseshell and blue. These rabbits are usually kept as pets because they are a source of pleasure and happiness for you and your children and they are also helpful to reduce the depression form your life. You have to spend time with them for their grooming and in this way you can easily get rid of your unhealthy activities such as drinking and smoking.

Although most of the breeds of rabbits are also used for business purposes such as most of meat and food companies provide meat of rabbits according to the demand of customers. The meat of rabbits is in big demand due to its delicious taste and softness but the Dutch dwarf rabbit is not used to get meat because their size is very small and another reason is their unique breed, therefore the use of these rabbits for to get meat is not allowed in Netherland.

Big Source of Earning Foreign Exchange

As we Know that Netherland is famous for the production of Dwarf rabbits and it is also important to know that all of these dwarf rabbits are not kept in country but these rabbits have become a major source of earning foreign exchange for Netherland. Dutch Dwarf rabbit is not only exhibited in the domestic markets but also in the international markets and the demand of these dwarf rabbits is increasing rapidly due to their babyish appearance. These dwarf rabbits have also become a status symbol and most of the people like to keep these rabbits to impress other people.

You can easily keep Dutch dwarf rabbit in your homes because their cage requires very little space as compared to the cage space of large rabbits. These rabbits can make you very caring and loving to others and dwarf rabbits will also help to make your children active because their grooming and feeding become an exercise for children. It must be remember that these dwarf rabbits should not be given to the children who are blow ten year of age to avoid problems.


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