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The Difficulties of Rabbit Breeding

Posted by : | On : 25-12-2016 | Comments (0)
The Difficulties of Rabbit Breeding

Basic Information about Rabbit Breeding

For the purpose of rabbit breeding, breeders must select the various breeds of rabbits according to their characteristics and their strengths, all developed breeds of rabbits are not strong because they have some type of weaknesses and it is estimated that male rabbits will be stronger than female rabbits. Therefore, breeders must select a couple with strong male rabbits and weak but good sized female rabbits for breeding because the weaknesses of female rabbits will be overcome by the strengths of male rabbits.

Before putting the female rabbit into the cage of male rabbit make sure that female rabbit is ready for breeding and for this purpose carefully notice the colour of its vulva, the pale colour indicate that she is not ready for breeding while the pinkish red colour is good sign for breeding. It is recommended that do not put the two weak rabbits for breeding because the new babies contained the characteristics of their parents, therefore they will be also weak and in such cases most of the weak babies die in few days.

As we know that rabbits have very aggressive nature for other rabbits and they do not like other rabbits in their territory especially female rabbits are very conscious about this factor, therefore when you put female rabbits in the cage of male rabbit then carefully observe reactions of both rabbits. Generally, both rabbits will easily accept each other in the breeding season but sometime they start to fight and if they do so then immediately separate them because they can seriously injured each other and sometimes fractures have been observed. Rabbit breeding process should repeat after eight hours of first breed and after breeding put out the female rabbit form the hutch of male rabbit.

Most of the rabbit’s breeders are making new experiments to create new breeds and for this purpose they are putting various breeds for breeding such as dwarves and standard rabbits and lionhead rabbits with Dutch dwarf rabbits. The rabbit breeding become a difficult process for the breeders when they want to breed dwarf rabbits because these breeds of rabbits do not easily accept each other and breeders have to give a lot of time and attention to them for getting the required results.

Breeders should have Complete Information about Breeding

The rabbit breeders have must comprehensive information about rabbit breeding because it is reported that most of the rabbits die in one or two weeks after breeding and the main reason for this is that breeders do not know about the characteristics of all breeds of rabbits and most of the rabbits have different kinds of diseases that transfer to other rabbits during breeding. The breeders should note the date of all breeding and they must take the rabbits for vaccinations during pregnancy because vaccination will provide a protection against infections. You can get information about breeding form internet; it will not only provide detailed information about all breeds of rabbits but also provide methods and techniques for healthy breeding.


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