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Rabbit Care Videos

Rabbit Care Videos and Tips


1. Picking up your pet Rabbit Tips:

If you just got your new rabbit pet, you must first make sure your rabbit has lots of time to get comfortable in his/her new home. Try stay near the hutch and talk aloud to your pet and let your rabbit know that your presence is a good one by bringing him/her a healthy treats. This help your rabbit get used to you, and after a while, tolerate being picked up. Rabbits are creatures running on ground, so some of them just don’t like being picked up at all. Watch the short video below for tips on how to pickup your rabbit.

2. How to Litter Train your Rabbit

The primary thing you want to do when you get a pet rabbit is to litter train your pet rabbit. It’s very easy to do, especially since rabbits are clean animals and they tend to use the same area for their business, even without litter training. Some rabbit pees in one spot but poops almost everywhere else.

Here are few preparation steps you want to do to litter train your rabbit pet:

  • Get your rabbit  neutered- the rabbit is noticeably easier to train and less aggressive, as it will stop wanting to find a mate and mark its territory.
  • Get the right litter box – setup several litter boxes and fill them with a rabbit safe materials, such as paper based  or accelerant-free wood-stove chips. Do not use cat litter because it is not safe for your pet!
  • Placing the litter box in preferred location Before introducing your rabbit pet to the litter box for the first time, watch your pet and pay attention to where your rabbit does the business; usually it will be at the back corner. Once you’ve established your pet’s preferred area, place the box in that location. This will make it easier for your pet.
  • Use White vinegar to clean up Rabbit urinevinegar can help to remove the smell, so your rabbit will not urinate there again. It also good for cleaning the litter boxes but be sure to rinse them out afterward so the smell doesn’t bother your pet.
  • Reward your rabbit for using the litter box -Since rabbits naturally eliminate while eating, a handful of hay in the litter box can encourage good habits and reward the rabbit for going in.